sociology Book Critique

1.Bibliographic Reference
Cite the book in APA format.

Authors Background (about 1 paragraph)
Provide a brief overview of the authors background. What makes them an expert relative to the material they write about, what are their credentials, etc.?

III. Primary Issue Explored (about 1 2 paragraphs)
Identify the social issue primarily discussed by the author. Indicate what leads you to this understanding. Can you frame it in the form of a question and/or did the author do that for you? Be sure to reference to specific information and pages where applicable.

Authors Conclusion/Position (about 1 2 paragraphs)
Indicate what the authors overall premise is in the book. This may be a bit challenging, as we will have been dealing with articles throughout the semester. You will want to look at both the end and the beginning of the book to ensure you select the best and most accurate conclusion statement. Remember you need to provide a quotation and explain what leads you to identifying this as the authors response to the issue he/she/they are addressing. Be sure to include citations where appropriate.

Development of Reasoning (about 3 5 paragraphs)
Identify how the author develops his/her reasons. This will require that you indicate what
reasons the author points to in order to support his/her conclusion. This section is where
you will provide facts, examples, reasons, sub-reasons, research, experiments, personal opinion, etc. that are provided by the author. Remember to try to keep this focused on what the author provides. Be sure to give specific examples and cite appropriately.

Assessment & Evaluation (about 3 – 4 paragraphs)
How well do you think the reasons and information presented by the author support
his/her conclusion? Be specific in your discussion. In the previous section you were
identifying the reasons and information used, in this section you are assessing and
evaluating how well that information provided by the author connects to and supports the conclusion. Be sure to apply critical thinking skills we have been working with
throughout the semester regarding clarity, validity, quality, fallacy identification (if there are any) etc. Be sure to provide support for your analysis and cite where appropriate.

VII. Personal Reaction (about 2 paragraphs)
Identify and state your position relative to the issue discussed by the author. Do you
agree or disagree with his/her position? Why or why not? Be sure to support your
viewpoint clearly and logically. Discuss what the opposing side might say in response to
this argument and evidence and then rebuttal it to further support your position.

VIII. Personal Application (about 1 2 paragraphs)
How can you apply and/or use the information you gained from this book? How do you
intend to use this information in your professional and/or personal life in the future? Be

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