Socio-Natural Liminality Alternative Null-Theory.., Evolve Beyond

Directions for Final Assignment-PowerPoint presentation The purpose of this project is to encourage you to reflect upon what you have learned in the course and synthesize this information into a deeper understanding of a topic under Applied Social Psychology. Early in the semester, select one of the topics from the modules. This topic will be the focus of your final project, a 10-minute presentation. Ground your presentation in solid research just as you would a term paper on the topic. It is best to choose a theory or concept to apply to a topic. Don’t be fooled into thinking that since this is a 10-minute presentation it will not take very long to complete.

You must cite at least 3 outside sources using the ASA style guide.

Link to ASA style:
Make sure the topic is social-psychological in nature.
Define all jargon and/or acronyms.
Check and recheck for spelling, grammar issues, typos, etc.
Include a final REFERENCES  with outside sources cited correctly per the ASA style guide. Make sure to cite in-text when needed, just like a research paper.  Any articles and/or figures etc. must be cited in the text, or else it is considered plagiarism.

Material For Task:

(1): Establishing  a Link, (Sociology, & Natural Science)

(2). Bridge The Data, (Socio-Psychology, & Natural Science)

(3). Nullification Dynamics, (Closing Remarks)

(4). People:

Charles Darwin: (

Albert Einstein:
Wilhelm Maximilian Wundt:
Irma Ratiani:

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