Should College Athletes be paid

Write an essay of no more than five pages on the topic of whether you believe college athletes should be paid beyond a scholarship that covers the cost of attending the college or university.  Give the arguments both in favor of and against paying student athletes and conclude with your opinion as to whether or not they should be paid and under what conditions if you believe they should receive payments beyond a scholarship.  Also indicate your thoughts on whether college athletes should be compensated for use of their  names, images or likenesses.

– One page (introduction) is already written. No need to re-write, just continue past it.

– Agree Paragraph: say that players should be allowed to use their name and likeness, and if they receive paid base salaries then it should be based on which division they play

-Disagree paragraph: State how many NCAA sports and players there are, say that it will not be feasible to pay them all while covering health insurance, scholarships, athletic gear and more.

– In the conclusion, please be in favor of college athletes being able to use their name image and likeness, but admit that it is too complicated to give them all salaries.

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