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Research Inquiry paper
For this paper, rather than making an argument, I want you to ask a question(s). Making an argument oftentimes sets writers up to make or speak in absolutes, X is better than Y or if you engage in Z you are more likely to experience S, whereas a Research Questions is more complicated and lets you explore an issue or topic that interest you. The idea of the paper is to give you a chance to dig further into areas of research that you have a felt difficulty about.
Use the Takayoshi Heuristic that I will provide for you to work through the questions and ideas that you have to help you design a research project that can help to answer questions you have about your chosen topic. The heuristic should act as a guide to help you get started thinking through your papers.
Although I have no fixed notions of what this paper should be, here are some general guidelines that all of you should adhere to for writing these papers:
    The final paper has to be about a researchable question(s).
    Start with a research question to guide your work, a research question is different than a thesis statement (we will talk about this).
    Research Questions need to be clearly identified in the paper. To do this simply use a Research Questions heading.
    You will create a literature review section (similar to an annotated bibliography), bringing in relevant scholarship, stats to shed light on your research question. Again use a heading Literature Review.
    You must use at least 6 sources for the Literature Review. And a minimum of 12 for the entire paper.
    The paper has to be a minimum of 9 pages long, anything shorter is not acceptable. Works Cited page does not count towards the 10 pages.
    Use MLA or APA styles, but be consistent throughout the entire paper. (I recommend APA for this type of paper but the decision is yours)
    Use 12 pt Times New Roman font to write this paper.
    Length 9-13 pages (not including works cited page).
    There are examples in the Research Inquiry folder on Dropbox (Stout Journal of Student Research).
    The point of this paper isnt to make an argument, it is to shed light on areas of interest that you have, answering a question(s). It is possible that you wont be able to answer your question(s) and if that happens then we have identified important research that needs done. We also can modify your research questions based on what you discover.

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