Senior English/college witting Senior paper writing prompt

Your assignment is to think about some of your hopes and dreams for the future and what you can do to help make them come true.

Prewriting:  Think about your future and what you would like to happen in the future.  Jot down some notes and ideas as you answer the pre-writing questions.

Prompts:  Write an essay of one to two pages (three or more paragraphs) on one or more of the following topics:
1. Describe what you have learned about yourself in the last four years and how that learning will influence what you decide to do after high school.
2. Describe three options that you have for your first year after high school.
3. Choose one option for college or work after high school and describe your plan of action for getting there.
4. Discuss how what you have learned in high school will help you to prepare for what you will do after high school, college or work.
5. Discuss what things you still need to learn or accomplish in order to meet your goals for after high school.

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