Selling: “Training course for the employee to avoid Phishing Attacks.”

***Avoid plagiarism
***Assignment for graded

There are 2 tasks:
1)    I need you to write a script that what I am going to talk. Long enough to cover 15+ minute speech.
Example what you have to write:
        –    Slide 1: Introduce myself and topic..
        –    Slide 2: Content I gonna talk.
        –    Slide 3: Content I gonna talk.
        –    ..
        –    Slide 20: Conclusion
        –    Slide 21: Reference, and question
2)    Prepare 21 slide of PowerPoint.

*** So You will need to deliver to me 2 files:
1/ Script 2,200 words,
2/ 21 slides of PowerPoint


Company name: PeeDee
Product or service:
Training course for the employee to avoid Phishing Attacks.

Reference to see how it works:

You have been asked to make a fifteen minute presentation to the CEO, Vice President, and top managers of a company that is interested in purchasing the product or service you have been speaking about. (Although they are considering purchasing from you, and this is somewhat of a sales presentation, it does not require a hard sell approach.). They are interested in these aspects of your innovation:

    A general introduction of the topic, including a picture or pictures
    A brief history
    Limited specific technical information (Managers wont be technically involved with it.)
    General information about installation, employee training requirements, and maintenance
    Projected costs (including an appropriate comparison chart of cost items)

        There are 3 package:
        –    Online (Watch video)
        –    Online (in person)
        –    Face to face

    Projected cost savings (including an appropriate comparison chart of some kind)


1.    Analyze your audience
2.    Determine your purpose
3.    Prepare an outline-you dont have to turn it in
4.    Find figures in your research or estimate information that seems reasonable for the projected costs and cost savings
5.    Create appropriate charts for each
6.    Choose several pictures to include in the presentation
7.    Go through the slides you already have and select only those that you will need for this presentation (You dont need to use everything you have already done.); modify them as necessary
Prepare a PowerPoint presentation with about 20 slides.
8.    Save a couple of minutes at the end for questions from the audience.

These are some things to really work on:

    Get your audience attention with a good opening before you introduce your topic.
    Include your audience in some way.  Here are some suggestions:
-Ask questions.
-Give illustrations that they can relate to.
-Show pictures of interest.
-Call on people by name.
-Have them do something
    When you get to the end briefly summarize a few of the main points
    Make a statement that ties into your purpose or opening remarks to bring closure

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