Selling Luxury Sports Suites Case Study

DESCRIBE the major findings of the article and DEFEND or REFUTE the findings with your own research and evidence.  Also, apply the findings or aspects covered in the study to PROPOSE A TOOL FOR PERFORMANCE MEASUREMENT THAT COULD BE USED BY SALESPEOPLE IN SELLING LUXURY SUITES. Be clear, specific, and detailed on how the findings of the article apply to YOUR prospective and/or current career choices.  Students are expected to display current knowledge of their industrys practices as it relates to day-to-day tasks, work environments, customer relationships, relationship building, hiring practices, etc.  This should be a broad and detailed assessment of students ideal employers business practices as gathered from company resources as well as the business press (The Wall Street Journal, BBC, CNBC, Bloomberg, Businessweek, Fortune, AdAge, etc.).  Submissions should be around 5 pages long.

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