Self-reflection on personal learning as part of a group

Write a reflective piece based on your personal learning during your time working as part of a group and your input into the assignment.

The section I’ve done for this business project are:

I come up with the idea of a personal shop assistant app. My initial thought on this was based on my personal experience with online delivery. I used to shop online a lot and every time a product was missing because they did not have in stock by the time of my delivery so it was kind of frustrating.  I was using Tesco online delivery and the initial idea was to compete with Tesco and Lidl in Ireland. However after presenting the idea to my group, we decided that we should focus on healthy food shops and support small business that suffered the most due to covid 19.

I’ve contributed to the work by doing the following sections:

Key findings from desk research:( Trends in the market )
Payment & Distribution
Money & Funding Requirements

I was present in all zoom and whatsapp meeting, and offered help whenever needed. To complete my research I’ve used DBS Elibrary. I’ve also looked at our main competitor online Buymie, Tesco etc.

The difficulties to work on this project was more related to the fact that some of my team member were not very responsive in the whatsapp group so I had to constantly tag people individually to make sure they would get the work done. Another difficulty was that we decided to add someone in the group last minute, Lucy her name, and that cause a lot of stress in the group.

Even after all these challenges faced I feel proud of the work our team has presented.

I’ve give you a great idea on what was done by me, just make sure it’s well written and minimum and maybe make it up the challenges about working in teams, something like that 500 words.

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