The final paper will be essay based.  Please choose FOUR of the below questions and answer them in essay form.  The answer to EACH question should consist of approximately one page.  Submit the complete document as a whole and not in four parts please. Please be in-depth with these responses and detailed with your responses. Include source material in the appropriate APA format.


The essays must be double spaced, with 1-inch margins, in #12 font type.
References from any supportive resource materials must be cited in the narrative and on a separate Bibliography page using the American Psychological Association (APA) format.
Essay Questions

1)Explain IT Security Infrastructure and why It is important to physical security planning and protection.
2)Explain business continuity plans and why they are important for business to implement.
3)Explain what a physical security site survey consists of and why it is beneficial.
4)In this course we covered many aspects of physical security from alarms, and guards, to lighting, fences, and access control.  Argue which one of these you feel is the most important to overall physical security.  You may argue this from the perspective of a specific business or building.
5)What have you learned in this course about physical security and the specific methods of security that you did not previously know?  Be specific about your answers and explain any preconceived thoughts that were dispelled in your learning here.

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