Role of racism in 20th century USA/ colourline

For your final project, you will pick and choose at least 3 primary sources found within online archives (for example, There will be an in- class discussion to explore these resources. In choosing at least 3 different primary documents, students are expected to account for local conditions that may explain the impact these events had on those living in the region. It is required that the students refer to the readings from the course to help make an argument that contextualizes the resulting diplomatic, economic and/or political decisions made to help make these primary sources of historical value to understanding the impact of the modern world on our lives.You are encouraged to be creative and draw upon an array of media, photos, and documentary sources in curating your project. At the same time, this project is an academic one, and thus requires you to simultaneously integrate at least three of the readings discussed in class, academic sources from your own bibliographic research in addition to the three primary sources.

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