RMT – HIA Week 4

This a follow-up question on assignment #TTs020916_148430_62In 500 words, i would like you to summarise the following from the attached document :- Ontological and epistemological assumptions of your research- Research methodology a discussion of your chosen methodology, whether it is quantitative or qualitative and why you have chosen this particular methodology- Research methods: a description of the method(s) that you intend to use and how you are going to develop your instruments- Research design: a discussion of the design of the research including the number of intended subjects; location of subjects (country, organisation); where the interviews will take place, how long they will take and how they will be recorded, if applicable; how many questionnaires will be sent out and expected return (or just the latter, if online), if applicable; use of pilot studies, ethical issues such as anonymity and so on.Analysis strategy: how your data will be analysed. Quantitative data will be analysed using statistical techniques such as t-tests, regression analysis, analysis of variance etc. The data will also need to be tested for normality. Qualitative data will be analysed using coding techniques (see http://www.distinctivemanagement.biz/webPages/MBAKnowledgeBytes/thesisStructure.html – click on Chapter 3 for more details).Reliability and validity: see Easterby-Smith, Thorpe and Jackson (2012) in the first instance although you may need to look at more specialised texts once you have decided which methods you will use

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