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n these first few weeks of class we have discussed chapters from David Buchbinders book Studying Men and Masculinities. We have read about and discussed concepts such as The Crisis of Masculinity the soft male naturalized assumptions about sex and gender and gender interpellation among many others. Now its time to really take a look at one of these concepts and to break it down to its essence and explore its origins meanings and impact. Prompt: Write an Essay of 3-4 typed double-spaced pages (more info on MLA Format below) where you investigate one of the following concepts from our book:
Choose one supposed Crisis of Masculinity and explain its origins provide an example give its meaning and impact– is it really a crisis?
Explain what is the phenomenon that we might call the soft male (Bly qtd in Buchbinder 9) by providing a specific example of this and investigating whether this is really a crisis or not.
Buchbinder explains when we encounter any disruption in these apparently natural chains of equivalences we may tend to react with horror revulsion nausea anger contempt or violence among other responses (25-26). Explain with examples what are some of these disruptions? Why and how do people react the way they do?
How might one exhibit various masculinities [or femininities] during the course of a single day (Buchbinder 36)? What is this all about? Give specific examples as well as the reasoning behind this phenomenon. It doesnt necessarily have to be over ONE day.
Pick another concept or idea from Chapters 1 2 or 4 (or if you read ahead to 5 or 6) that you would like to explore/investigate more. Please run your topic idea by me over email before you do any prep work.
The conclusion should restate your thesis and discuss the larger significance of the ideas in your essay.
My essay’s problems are thesis and topic sentences are not clear introduction a bit long topic sentences do not reflect the paragraph’s ideas body paragraghs are disconnected the points lack of examples’ evidence analysis and conclusion on the body paragraph conclusion is not strong and some gammer errors.
Please give me clear thesis and topic sentences topice sentence connect the paragraph’s point need to reorganize and stronger the evidence and conclusion of the body paragraph also give me one more body paragraph paper title and strong conclusion.
please give me good work and no plagiarism!!! Thank you!

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