Response paper summary and critique of assigned article

Introduction: In the first paragraph, students should provide a very brief introduction to the article. The introduction should include a statement of purpose, indicating what the article is about. Students should also include an account of the materials and methods used (i.e. information regarding their samples and analytical techniques), and a discussion of the findings. The introductory paragraph should conclude with a statement regarding the significance of the articles findings and how they relate to the field of biological anthropology. The first paragraph should take up no more than 1-2 pages.
Body: The subsequent paragraphs are comprised of the students response to the assigned article. Based on the students knowledge (from readings and lecture material) and information gleaned from supporting resources, what is their informed opinion of the article contents? What are some strengths of the article? What are some weaknesses? Could the author(s) have gone about their analysis in a different way, and if so, elaborate. What are some areas for future research or consideration? The body paragraphs should constitute the bulk of your response paper.
Conclusion: The final paragraph should summarize the main ideas in your paper.
Bibliography: Your bibliography will follow your paper

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