Research Proposal Peer Review

Research Proposal
The Research Proposal will outline the student’s individual research project for the second half of the semester. A succesful research proposal will serve as a road map for your completion of all of the Summative Benchmarks.
The Research Proposal is a formative assignment graded on completion. It is worth 10% of your final course grade or a total of ten points. A complete proposal will contain the following:
1) An identification of a specific issue to be researched (2 points)
2) A summary of Crow and Dabars’ view on this issue and your response to their view (2 points) (You may be able to revise and use parts of your Response Essay here)
3) A review of what you already know about the topic (2 points)
4) A specific research question that addresses and attempts to solve a problem (2 points)
5) A research plan including what type of primary and secondary sources you plan to use and what purposes you plan to use them for (2 points)
Though the Research Proposal is graded on completion it must be convince me that you have a solid plan for your research agenda in order to be approved. Proposals that are not convincing will be returned with suggestions for revisions and orders to resubmit. This will not affect your grade for the project but a proposal must be approved before I will accept and grade any of the Summative benchmarks.
Proposals that are appoved will also include specific feedback intended to guide your research project so please pay close attention to my feedback on this assignment.

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