Research Assignment

:You can choose to research and attempt to formulate an answer to one of the following questions.  You must present the question and make reasoned argument  and  evidentiary  based  solutions  for  how  you  think  the  question should be answered.

1) Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg was the second woman appointed to the United States Supreme Court.  To this day, there have been only four women appointed to the Court.  She was once asked when there were would  be  enough  women  appointed  to  the  bench.    She  famously answered, When there are nine.  Support why Justice Ginsburg would give this answer based on her history.  Additionally, why, or why not, would  this  be  enough  women  on  the  Supreme  Court  based  on  the Courts history and past rulings?  Remember to support your argument with  facts  and  cite  your  evidence.    Explore  how,  or  if,  gender  has impacted the rulings from the U.S. Supreme Court since females were appointed.  In what cases?  How were the rulings impacted?  Consider if there are any solutions that could be implemented to increase gender equality on Federal benches, specifically the U.S. Supreme Court.

2) Find  a  Supreme  Court  case  decided  before  1971  dealing  with  gender that would have benefitted from the application of the Equal Protection clause.  How might the outcome of your chosen case been different if the  Court  had  been  willing  to  apply  the  Equal  Protection  clause?    Discuss Reed v. Reed.  In what ways was the Supreme Court persuaded in Reed v. Reed?  In what ways did the Supreme Courts ruling in Reed v. Reed change the path for womens rights cases?  Examine some of RBGs  womens  rights  cases  while  she  was  a  practitioner  and  discuss how  the  Court  applied  the  Equal  Protection  clause  to  this  new  line  of cases.  Have these cases been upheld through the years?  What does the future hold for this line of cases? 

For  this  research  assignment,  you  must write  traditional research paper or choose a creative research assignment.    all  written  work  must  be  typed  in Microsoft Word, paginated, using 12-point font, with one-inch margins, in Arial or Old Bookman font, double spaced.  You must have a title page and a citation
2page,  neither of these pages count toward the page length of the paper.  The page  length  is  AT  LEAST  FIVE  pages  and  you  must  have  at  least  FOUR scholarly sources.  Sources should be cited on a separate citation page.  Remember, do not use the first person in this paper.  This is a research paper, not a narrative or opinion essay. 

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