Research and select an urban type or social group (between 1880 and 1936)

Examples of urban types: the flaneur/walker, the shop clerk, the neighbor, the child, the criminal, the police, the banker, the horse/carriage/bus driver, the pedestrian, the dancer, the refugee, the homeless, the factory worker, the [female] phone operator, the journalist.

we also have to find     Secondary Source Research and Research Context
Find at least one relevant, peer-reviewed and recent scholarly article by a historian which discusses this space/type of space/ urban social group or type for historic context and background; read relevant A. Richie chapter; find a set of Primary Sources to present this space/social type to the class [use image in power point] [E.g. a photo of Pergamonmuseum and a text on Pergamonmuseum; texts by Roth, Nabokov or Berlin Housing Administration on Refugees from the East  and an image of/ or a letter/diary/ photograph from one of them].
and base on all of these we have to ansawr this work sheet that i uploaded and called ”outline15HIST 145-SecondarySourcesAssignment (1)”

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