reflection on my paper to make it better.

I need to have an outline also i need to make my paragraphs more uniform with a topic sentence for each paragraph, also make a better thesis statement that is more augmentative. It must be in full MLA format. Please help i have tried on several papers and i am struggling. this is what they put. Please make sure to meet the paper requirements.

The Paper should include an outline.

You want the topic sentence of each of your body paragraphs to introduce your argument points.

Continue to work on structure.  You should establish your argument point in your topic sentence.  The first sentence in the paragraph lets your reader know what the paragraph is about/ what point you are arguing.  That argument should support the overall argument you make in your thesis statement.  You should go on to support that argument point with text-evidence and analysis to explain why that text-evidence supports your topic sentence and your overall thesis.

You want to make sure that when you include text-evidence you explain why it supports your overall argument. How does this text evidence support your overall argument?  Why is it important?

Keep in mind that you want to provide analysis and avoid over-summarizing.

I see improvement from your initial draft to your final draft.  You want to make sure that you are providing a clear and specific argument thesis about the poem that is not a broad generalization.  One that can be supported with argument points.  These argument points should be clear in the topic sentences of your body paragraphs and you should support your arguments with text evidence.

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