Reflect: Course Wrap-Up

I dont have all the required readings for this assignment if you can do your best and give me quality work to turn in I will give you a 10 star rating!!! Thank you!!!

As a way to wrap up the course, we will be reflecting on and discussing how we have grown as students of Scripture and church history through these past weeks. In your initial post, answer the following questions:

Takeaway: What is the biggest takeaway or concept you have gained in this course? Be sure to provide sufficient detail so others may benefit from seeing ways you have grown by putting this takeaway into your plans.
Burning question: Looking back over the course, what is 1 major question you still have? What do you want to know more about or understand better? Consider this question in light of your progress in becoming a better theologian.
Connection to your growing skills in theology: Articulate how the readings, conversations, and work for this course have directly applied to your experiences and growth as a student of theology. How have you tangibly grown in the past 6 weeks? This section should be the most developed of the 3 components, so write freely.

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