Reckoning Essay

For this essay, you will conduct a rich reading of a complex essay. Your task is to grapple with the whole essayits ideas, forms, and rhetorical strategiesand assess its reliability and persuasiveness by placing it into conversation with other ideologically related texts. You will also begin to learn the nuances of research as you search for ways to place your thinking into a larger cultural context. From this rigorous analytical work, youll develop and substantiate an idea of your own. Requirements: 6-7 pages (double spaced and 12 font); MLA citation (in-text and Works Cited page); 1 primary source (from BK Reader); 1-2 ancillary sources (from BK Reader); 1-2 ancillary sources (from research); any other evidence you see fit. Skills Practiced: Reading and analyzing a complex written texts rhetoric and its persuasive strategies. Creating a conversation among a group of ideologically-related texts. Locating useful research topics and search terms. Analyzing and synthesizing evidence from an array of complicated written texts. Practicing the art of reflection both to generate and strengthen ideas. Utilizing transitions to shape an argument. Writing a clearly-organized essay that assesses the value of a primary text while also moving beyond that assessment to develop an original, compelling idea.*** The files (Example 1, Example 2) are just an idea of how the essay should look like. Those are high quality essays written by students and published through our textbook.. so those are just guiding reference.These are the texts that I am using for this essay:*** The file (Loss of the Creature) is the primary source from the BK Reader.*** The file (Steps Toward A Small Theory of the Visible) is the ancillary source from the BK Reader.*** The file (Change How You See, See How You Change) is the ancillary source from the research.As the tutor progresses on writing this essay, I wish to respond to any doubts that he or she might have. Hence, I would like to have a sort of discussion-like process for completing this assignment.

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