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I want a critical analysis paper on Mulan, the Disney movie.

In the intro discuss the conflict of the movie then provide a clear thesis.

The aspects the I want you to focus on are:
1. Discussing the themes of Mulan.
2. Discussing the idea of Mulan and ableism (having unrealistic powers, etc…)
3. Mentioning why it should be taught in schools to young adults?

Further instructions:
– The attached PDF pages (21-23) it focuses on Mulan and the idea of “ableism”. Use that as 1 of the sources (it is a chapter taken from a book called Disfigured: On Fairy Tales, Disability, and Making Space, by Amanda Leduc) in case for citing and placing it in references page. 

-Whereas the other document is tips on how to write a critical essay provided by my professor.

– Use 3 peer reviewed journal articles (make sure they’re accessible, the professor really pays attention to the sources. Look for them in JSTOR for example).

– 1 primary source (The movie itself).

– Make sure neither the intro nor the conclusion are long and boring.

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