Read the document(about business ethics) ansnwer the questions

Hi again, I want you to help me with my business ethics case study assigment:)
Basically, this time, you need to read the case study(uploaded pdf), and answer the questions but then actually this is a group work and I am in charge of only for questions 3, so you can answer only for 3. My rest of members will do 1,2 so you don’t really need to do question 1 and 2. And I hope you to read through the ppt(class material) then you can know how my class going:)

Case Questions

Q1) Identify the ethical culture problem at Texaco in the mid1990s.
Q2) Based on the facts in the case and what you have learned in this chapter, evaluate the culture change effort that is under way. What cultural systems have been targeted in the culture change effort? What systems are missing, if any? Does the culture appear to be in alignment? Misalignment? What else might management do that it hasnt already done to make the culture change successful?
Q3) How long might such a culture change take?  my part

(120~180 words)

If you don’t understand anything please let me know thanks.

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