read and write 1

read chapter 1 to chapter 4 . write 1000 words to this paper. remeber this is your thesis write your idear not summary it.
therer have 3 part to do it.
first write three version of your thesis these three version can be one idear of three part. write this for the first page. you do not need to write a lot . there have some example for the picture one.
second you need to wtite three quotations fot your text. you need write to on your second page. the picture 2 can show you how to write .
thild it is start the thesis write 4 page almost 1000 words for this thesis. remember this is thesis so you need to show your idear context patr 1 and part 2 . show your idear not the summary .
i need this homework by tomorrow afternoon
the book is on the pdf

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