RE: Week 5 Discussion(BUS 335)

Week 5 Discussion” Please respond to the following:

Suggest two (2) staffing strategies that organizations can utilize to maintain sustainability and minimize the impact of a significant percentage of the workforce approaching retirement age. Support your rationale with specific examples of such strategies.  Consider the staffing strategies presented back in Ch. 1, Fig. 1-7 (Below).
Focus on the Strategic Planning and the Forecasting HR Availabilities sections of Ch. 3.  Pay special attention to the sections on succession planning and developing replacement charts.
Staffing Strategies

EXHIBIT 1.7 Strategic Staffing Decisions

Staffing Levels

Acquire or Develop Talent

Hire Yourself or Outsource

External or Internal Hiring

Core or Flexible Workforce

Hire or Retain

National or Global

Attract or Relocate

Overstaff or Understaff

Short- or Long- Term Focus

Staffing Quality

Person/Job or Person/Organization Match

Specific or General KSAOs

Exceptional or Acceptable Workforce Quality

Active or Passive Diversity

I have provided the necessary chapters to complete the assignment. They are flashcards with vital information to help with the assignment. If you need any additional information, please contact me. No citations or references. Please explain examples in detail.

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