RE: Discussion Week 2(BUS-335)

From Staffing Organizations (9th ed.): ISBN/SKU: 9781307361469

Chapter 1: Staffing Models and Strategy (pp. 2737).
These resources also align to the weekly content:

Chapter 1 PPT [PPTX].
Human Resources Strategic Workforce Planning. Hope this information is helpful to complete the Discussion.

This is the actual question for the discussion.

Week 2 Discussion” Please respond to the following:

Put yourself in the position of HR manager of your current or previous employer.  Using the 13 Strategic Staffing Decisions listed in Fig. 1.7, in Chapter 1.

Describe two (2) of the 13 staffing strategies in Fig. 1-7, which you believe your organization should consider that would be both applicable to the employment market as well as help the organization accomplish its strategic goals.
Explain why each of the two strategies you selected is best suited for your business.  Read the Staffing Strategy section of Ch. 1 and review Fig. 1-7 before developing your original response

Please no citations or references. Only one paragraph with a question for peers followed by the answer.

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