“Re-Discovered” Primary Source (Religions of Ancient Iran)

Re-discovered Primary  Source: As  we  will  see  in  this  course,  the  religions of  ancient  Iran  are  not preserved for us in all their original detail. The existing texts only give us glimpses of this or that religious practice, idea, or social status. A great deal of information is simply not there, and must be speculated about by scholars, because there are no original remains which have survived to the present day. Your task is to discover  (invent)a  primary  source  to  fill  the  gap  in  the  actual  historical  documentation  for  one  of  the religions of ancient Iran. You might write a political decree about the status of a particular community, a ritual text such as a hymn, a code of conduct for practitioners, a letter, a royal inscription, a private journal entry by a member of a community, or whatever else.Your source should be preceded by a short paragraph explaining what it is and why you chose that particular religion/source type.

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