Racial/Distinctions within South America

These distinctions within Latin America go back at least hundreds and hundreds of years. Douglas Cope describes in great detail the development of the caste system within Colonial Mexico. Describe the Sistema de Castas (Caste System) and how it benefitted the Spanish. How could one move up within that system? What helped undermine the system and led to a restructuring of racial thought in Colonial Mexico? Despite this history of othering based upon race, Ariel Dulitzky claims Latin America is a region in denial when it comes to racial prejudice. To what do Latin American governments attribute lower educational and socio-economic achievement among the darker skinned citizens? Who do they think has a real racial problem and why?
Dulitzky notes there are three types of denial used in Latin America. Name them and describe each.

Assignment must be in MLA format, 12 sized font, double spaced, and five pages of actual content with the sixth page being the References page.

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