Public health ( Behavior Change )

Prepare a report of your behavior change program written like a scientific study with an introduction, methods, results, and discussion. oIntroduction: Include original, peer-reviewed sources and a thorough description of the theoretical foundation of your self-study. Include both the individual-level and interpersonal behavior change theories you chose in your previous assignments. Describe how those theories apply to your health goal. (1 1 pages)oMethods: Include briefly how you planned to change your behavior based on the theory described in the introduction, and how you evaluated your progress. ( page)oResults: Describe the results of your intervention. Describe how the results might be different had you applied the interpersonal theory. Include your graph, table, or other visualization of the data you used to track your progress at the end of the paper. (1/2 1 page)oDiscussion: Summarize and reflectupon your health intervention. What did this personal intervention tell you about the theory or how you applied it? What were some of the limitations/challenges you faced? What, if anything would you do differently next time? Next, move this individual intervention to the community-level. Imagine you are applying your intervention in a community. How would the socio-ecological framework and/or any of other community processes inform what you might do differently to make this intervention effective for a whole community? Discuss any cultural adaptations that should be considered. (1 2 pages) Your report should be a maximum of 5 pages, double-spaced, 12-point readable font with 1-inch margins. APA style should be used for formatting. References, graphs, tables, and other visuals are not included in the 5-page limit. 20 pointsavailable for the final report.

the heath behavior change that I use was The Health Belief Model is a theoretical example to direct efforts in the area of health promotion and disease prevention. It is used to understand and forecast changes in the actions of individuals. It is one of the most popular models of behavioral comprehension. My goal is to quit smoking Hookah, replacing smoking Hookah with nicotine replacement therapy product.  People will not change their health behaviors unless they believe that they are at risk. I feel I might be getting cancer in future because we have a cancer history family so, I used the health belief model to find the some kind of activity rather than smoking hookah.  My plan is by the end of the first week, I will decrease the number of hookah I am smoking from 5 per week to maximum of 2 or 3 per week. By the end of the second week, I will smoke 1 Hookah per week. For the first week I try to go running with my partner who help me to reduced smoking hookah, 20 minutes every day and going gym 3 times a week. For the second week I try to increase the time of running to 45 minutes and going gym with my partner who encourage me for running. Also, every time that I follow my plan and reduced smocking hookah by running I give my self protein shake as reward.

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