Research paper on the psychology topic of: Visual Search.
I will provide the data from my research lab results.
I provided more files of data and information.

What to also include:

Introduction- explain about visual search topic and 3 scholarly articles about visual research experiments. (can include experiments about visual research of conjunction)

I found some scholarly articles you may use if you want to or find different ones:
-Visual Search by Jeremy M. Wolfe
-Visual Search with Color by Robert Charles Carter, jr.
-Visual Search for Feature and Conjunctions in Development by Lobaugh, Nancy J., Cole, Sandra, Rovet, Joanne F.

Methods- Data of sex at birth: 27% males & 73% females. Data: 91 participants. Don’t need exact age of the participants.

Results- first section of results section will be a description of the group data. Second section will be a comparison of results of the global data. (screenshot of info provided)

Discussion- interpret the results between my data, group data, and global data here.

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