Psychology Measurement

Answer the following in 1-2 sentences. Label each question being answered. ONLY USE SOURCES PROVIDED

5. Is it true you should only consider differences between cultures when looking for test bias? Why or why not?
7. Is it true Intelligence tests are best used to predict later work? Why or why not?
10. Is it true The Weschler standardization samples are adequate for most populations within the United States?
13. Is it true There is no achievement component on intelligence tests? Why or why not?
28.  Is it true Standardized behavioral measurement can only be self-report? Why or why not?
29. Is it true Projective tests are very prone to faking? Why or why not?
30. Is it true The Strong Interest Inventory measures skills? Why or why not?
31. Is it true Group tests are less used than individual tests? Why or why not?
32. Is it true There is a distinct difference between ability and achievement? Why or why not?
33. Is it true Raven Progressive Matrices is truly a culture-free test? Why or why not
36. Is it true The Halstead-Reitan measures how well a person can use the resources around him/her? Why or why not?
37. Is it true Memory is not an important component of neuropsychological testing? Why or why not?
38. Is it true The ACT focuses more on general ability than the SAT does? Why or why not?
39. Is it true It is illegal to use any psychological test in a forensic setting? Why or why not?
40. Is it true If a test has good validity, it is unbiased for all populations? Why or why not?
41. Is it true There is no cultural bias in the Weschler tests? Why or why not?

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