Project Management

Wells Fargos Response to the Account Fraud Scandal of 2016

You must complete a robust business report on Wells Fargos response and resolution to this issue from a project management perspective using the principles in the attached 3 decks.

Usage of principles in the attached 3 decks is absolutely mandatory!!

You must adopt a project management perspective as you analyze and write about the Wells Fargo scandal. For example, there are many ways to write about the Super Bowl event. It can be written from the perspective of sport and event management, historical development, marketing, etc. But for this course, the perspective must be focused on aspects of project management such as schedule, scope, stakeholder, risk, etc.  Incorporate the principles in the attached 3 decks.

Make sure you use quality references from professional or research publications. For example, New York Times is a respected journal, but blogs from NY Times should be used sparingly.
Use APA format for citation

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