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I have attached the programming file which is not completed.You need to complete the code.Your report should containscreen shot of your programrun time.

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2506ICT Computer Communication Networks
Creating a Proxy Cache Server
Due: 7/10/2013(Monday, midnight) submitted online at L@G
What to hand in:

You need to submit two items: (1) the actual java source code, and (2) a written report explaining how your program works.

Item 1: (weighting 50-85/100, depending on which level of implementation, see below)
For item (1), your program needs to be able to run on Window OS.
You must verify that your code compiles and runs as expected. You codes should be commented where appropriate to ensure readability. Your code submission should be self-contained and should not depend on external libraries. In other words, I should be able to compile and run your code on a standard java platform.

Item 2: (weighting 15/100)
You should hand in a report (maximum FIVE A4 pages excluding cover page & appendices, in MS word format or pdf) explaining the logic and flow of your program. Your report should contain screen shot of your program runtime. It should also contain details about how to compile and run your program. Your report should be well-structured and easy to read. A reader should understand what you are trying to do and what your program can do after reading your report. You should indicate which level of implementation your work is. You MUST have a cover page, with Name & Student ID on it. You should also include a listing of your code in the appendix, and highlight all places in the code that is written by you.

Handing in:
You should submit your report and codes online in a single zip folder. Your zip folder should be named as: (replace the firstname, lastname, studentID with yours).
Failure to comply with this simple instruction would result in 5 penalty marks being deducted from your work.

Late submission may incur a penalty as per the course outline. So please plan your time wisely. This is individual work and plagiarism will be dealt with…

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