Primary Source Reflection- Week 2

Primary Source Reflection – Week 2

For this week’s reflection, I want you to focus on the first reading from this week: “Exchange between John Smith and Powhatan.” Like the two readings for our primary source reflection last week, this document provides us with a precious first-hand look at early encounter between a European and Native American.

In this reflection, I want you to think about how this account differs from those which we read last week. Did John Smith seem to have a different perspective on Native Americans than the Spanish about whom we just read? Is Powhatan presented in a similar manner to how the Spanish authors we read portrayed Native Americans? As always, please feel free to include any of your own thoughts on this source and how it relates to our textbook reading or other primary source readings!

As a reminder, this assignment should be between 300 and 500 words in length, and you do not need to cite outside sources (unless you want to). The focus should be on the primary sources from our reader. As always, though, I am looking for strong academic writing, so avoid making it too casual.

Please upload your text directly in the box provided.

Last weeks reading:  Giovanni da Verrazano “Encountering Native Americans” and “Bartolom de las Casas on Spanish Treatment of the Indians.”

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