Primary Care Application

Read the Primary Care Scenario attached.

-respond to the questions located in the Primary Care Scenario. Review the information available in the Budget Considerations section and apply this information as needed.

1. Are performance evaluations required by law? Why or why not? (Performance Management System)

2. How should managers receive special training in the use of the appraisal system? How would you hold the managers accountable for the proper use of performance appraisal systems?

3. How do you determine if a performance appraisal system is effective or ineffective?

4. How do you determine the factors used in the evaluation of employee performance?

5. Given the feedback from the survey, what are the potential benefits of the workplace culture if ethical decisions for the common good that are consistent with the Christian worldview and integrates the Christian worldview within a discipline and vocation for the common good are included in the policies.

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