PR 2

Doctor instructions:

You have been approached by a media house to write an essay 1000 words about the Internet is obviously a powerful medium it may turn out to be the most powerful in human history. It also is not perfect. What is the best thing about the Internet today? Explain. What is the worst thing about the Internet today? Explain. Are you generally optimistic about the Internets future role in our lives or pessimistic about the Internets future role? Explain.

My instruction need to work on it:
1.    The work needs to increase the depth of the idea and develop the content.
2.    Some words and sentences are linguistically weak and need to be reformulated to be linguistically stronger.
3.    Review my assignment and ensure that all aspects are covered after reviewing the instruction file
4.    Review the sources and ensure that they are correct, and amend them if there is a mistake
5.    Make sure all work followed guideline (Add an In-Text Citation, reference APA style

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