Political Systems


Choose two (2) of the six prompts listed below and write a short-answer essay in response.

Essays are expected to be approximately 1-2 typed pages each (single-spaced).

Please list the number of each prompt you are answering.

1)    Discuss the historical basis for the division between Shiite and Sunni Muslims. Why do you think this problem is still unresolved, even after so many centuries?

2)    Discuss three social problems faced by developing countries that result from globalization.  Who should be responsible for managing these problems? Why?

3)    Discuss three problems resulting from democratization movements in developing countries. How can these problems be solved?

4)    Discuss three problems developing countries face that result from international development efforts. Do development projects seem to do more harm than good? Why?

5)    Which countries do you think will be the top three economies in the 21st-century? Why?

6)    Based on our class discussions, does capitalism seem to be compatible with democracy, in terms of providing freedom, equality, and justice?

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