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The company is Google
The Module 6 course project assignment let’s you explore the company-level valuation combining many aspects of the entire course into one activity. The requirements of the assignment are as follows:
You will use the Discounted Cash Flow (DCF) valuation model to calculate the intrinsic value of your chosen company. This model involves three primary steps: i) calculating the company’s cost of capital ii) calculating the free cash flows to the firm and ii) applying the time-value-of-money concept to discount your projected cash flow values back to the present using the company’s cost of capital as the discount rate.
WACC = D/V * eD *(1-Tc) + E/V * rE
FCFF = Cash Flow from Operations – Capital Expenditures + Interest * (1 – Tax Rate)
Firm Value = FCFF * (1+g) / (WACC – g)

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