HeyPLEASE DO PART TWO (see the attached copy) i have done an outline to give you an idea what i want you to talk about thinks like honour pride and glory in Greek tradegies.please focus on the pride glory and honour of greek tragidies and the nature of heromism in the greek world !!
the concept of heroism involves individual acts that are intended to help other people even if it will cost them their lives but at them same time they are fighting for their status in society. These acts are those parts of their braveness of forgoing their individual interests to the extent of owning other peoples’ problems and accepting whatever end result that comes up. Their interest is that of finding solutions (Crabbe 11). Without having anyone there to acknowledge the victory for a hero it would not be considered a victory. Therefore a hero usually requires an army which also turns into his honour the greater the army – the greater the honour.

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