pick topic any topic from the instruction provided by the professors

General Instructions
Identify a topic of interest to you concerning or related to health information exchange
(HIE). Develop and write a paper that will cover the chosen topic and a point of view
(POV) pertaining to that topic. In selecting your topic area, be specific about what will be
discussed in the body of the paper.
Upon deciding on a topic, write a paper (6-8 pages not including illustrations or
references) about that topic or a related sub-topic.
The paper must include the following
o A title page that includes the papers subject title or topic to be discussed
within it and the student authors name, and
o A table of contents highlighting each section of the paper.
Topics Areas to Consider
HIE Types: Distinguishing characteristics (function, value, stakeholders,
interoperability, etc.)
Global HIE: Definitions and evolution of HIE outside of the US
OpenHIE: Describe its mission, vision, and salient characteristics
HIE Security Concerns
Telemedicine and information security
HIE Governance
HIE and MU Integration
Note: If there is another topic or issue related to e-commerce security that is of more
personal interest to you, send an email note to the instructor to ensure that the topic will
be acceptable and within the scope of the assignment.
Response Format Notes & Tips
Homework responses should include navigational hyperlinks that link each
section listed in the table of contents to the specific section of the paper.
In the papers Introduction, clearly describe
o what the paper is about,
o any central premise of the paper or the point of view that is going to be
supported in the content of the paper, and
o what is to follow in the body of the paper.
The presentation and clarity of the papers central theme, the clarity of discussion
around central points, and the papers ease of navigation will be important in the
grading of this assignment.
Review the grading rubric and use it as a paper completion guide.

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