Pick one out of the 3 in the document

This task is categorized as a summative assessment and is worth 50% of your final grade.

A major part of communication is knowing how to approach various tasks with tact and insight. In some situations, this can be done in a straight-forward manner, but other times it is especially important to consider the emotional investment the reader has in the message, or how to best shift the reader’s view to one that is favorable to you.

Whether working on a positive, negative, or persuasive message, you should also consider and analyze the audience, determine the purpose of the communication, and reflect on what medium/channel would best be used to convey the information. The three-step writing process of planning, writing, and completing business messages works well to ensure that your message is effective and efficient. As well, deciding whether to use the direct or indirect approach is critical to writing successful messages.

Your task is to carefully revise one of the three messages you have created in the past few weeks: positive, negative, or persuasive. You should consider not just my feedback, but also the comments students have posted about your message if you had shared with others to get additional input. Once you have chosen and revised one message, you will then submit it for a final grade.

Pick one of the following previous assignments: Business Letter, Negative Message BMW, Persuasive Message Pet Rock 2.0

Rubric – I will use the checklist used for the previous assignment.

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