Physics of light and matter,physiology of human colour vision, and chemistry of surface colorants

In this written report, you need to find one media and one scholarly article and compare the two of them, write a short summary of each article and answer 7 questions. Choose between these 3 (physics of light and matter, physiology of human colour vision, and chemistry of surface colorants) topics. *** The media articles allowed publication date range MUST be between May- June 1st, 2021***. This is NOT AN ESSAY; therefore, you do not need to have a thesis, or try to prove or disprove any argument(s). Instead, you are asked to report on the differences between science research as presented in popular media versus scholarly journals. Your report can simply answer each of the numbered questions, in a numbered sequence. Do NOT include the text of the questions in your report; simply label each answer with the corresponding question number only. PLEASE REFER TO THE UPLOADED FILE WITH THE FULL INSTRUCTIONS TO THE ASSIGNMENT.

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