Phl unit 13

Read Sandel’s ch. 10, Justice and the Common Good, and watch Sandels Episode 12.
Read Fides et Ratio (faith and reason). The Pdf file (excerpts) is under Course Content (on left). You must cite from or quote this text, whatever you answer.

In your short answer, answer ONE of the following.

What views does Sandel defend: what is his position on justice and the common good? Do you agree or disagree? Explain. Based on his text, what would Pope John Paul II probably say about Sandel’s position (on, e.g., moral limits of markets)?  Remember to cite from Fides et Ratio. Hint: look for what he says about “markets” and “utility.”
In what ways is Sandel’s theory influenced by Aristotle? What would the author of Fides et Ratio probably say in favor of this? Would John Paul II endorse it? If so, how?
What does Sandel think should be the role of religion in politics? What do you think is the role of religion and God in ethics? Of faith and reason? Explain with reference to Fides et Ratio.

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