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MPA Statement/Letter of Intent: The MPA is a professional program designed to prepare you for a career in public administration and policy work in diverse areas such as non-government organizations, industry associations, and, of course, the public service. To help the committee understand whether the MPA program is right for you, and whether you will be a good fit for our school, please address the following in your statement/letter of intent:

        What has motivated you to pursue an MPA degree? Why are you interested in public administration and public policy?
        How will your background and preparation, including education and professional experience, contribute to your success in the MPA program?
        What particular policy interests do you hope to explore, specifically as they relate to our three areas of research priority (Governance, Social Policy and Inequality, and Innovation, Science and Technology). Why are you interested in these areas?
        What do you hope to achieve in this program?

        The committee wants to see that you can clearly articulate your interests and ideas. Please restrict your comments to 500 words.

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