Personal essay

For this assignment, you will write a focused, 5-7 page personal essay that builds on all aspects that were establishing in this course.  You will write about a particular aspect of your studies (within your major which is accounting) and how it relates to your professional aspirations.  In other words, you will explore a specific element of your college education (e.g. your experiences in a given course in the major, why you chose your major, why you might have changed majors, an assignment that challenged you, an experience in your internship, etc.).  This exploration must encompass a look towards the future (to the job/s you hope to someday acquire). You may even want to explore your past and the journey youve take to get to this point.

Your personal essay, a longer work, will be focused. It will narrow a subject down to a specific topic/point–and explore it in great detail.

Remember what weve said about the Personal Essay in this class so far and how weve discussed the readings. In the end, your thesis and focus should feel like they are always circling around a main idea/a point/an overall message.  Also, remember beginning, middle, and end and the journey taken and lesson learned in the actual experience and in the writing.

Remember, your essay must be relatable to your readereven/especially if that reader is not in your field.  It must present that unity of human experience weve been discussing.  It must also include many of the devices weve reviewed and encountered thus far.

MLA Style.

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