Personal Conflict Resolution

The purpose of this paper is to demonstrate your understanding of effective negotiation and conflict resolution techniques by applying the concepts from class to your personal and/or professional life. Students are required to negotiate an issue of a professional or personal nature that needs to be resolved. They should select a situation that is real and is available for negotiation. As the negotiation evolves the student must journal the event and subsequently reduce the journal to an academic paper.  All papers should be proofread, free of spelling/grammatical errors, include proper citations, and be in accordance with current APA standards.

The weekly chapter deliverables, word count minimum (1800-words), required format (APA including cover page, reference page, and at least five (5) scholarly/peer-reviewed references) will be required by the course instructor.  The paper should include:

1. Introduction to the situation and issues to be resolved

2. Assessment of the situation with an explanation of the conflict(s) involved

3. Concepts from the text(s) that will help you to deal with negotiation

and conflict more effectively

4. Strategy and tactics to be used during the negotiation

5. The pre-negotiation plan describing the vision of the student relative to the

negotiation and conflict resolution process

6. An assessment of your strengths and weaknesses related to effective conflict

resolution and how they helped or hurt

7. A description of how each meeting went with successes and failures listed

as well as how they were dealt with

8. Summary of the meetings and their outcomes and

9. Conclusion

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