Personal Analysis – Your 16th Century Voyage

This assignment provides an opportunity to use your imagination and the historical facts discussed in this week’s reading. You will write a personal analysis of 16th century world exploration from the point of view of a sailor on a 16th century ship who has set sail for unknown lands. In 400-450 words describe your voyage. Discuss from where you originate where you are headed why you are going there who you discover and what they look and act like what you bring back and how your country of origin will react to your discoveries. Consider any other explorer that may be in direct competition with you.
Use (and cite) one primary source in your analysis. A primary source is a first-person account such as a diary a letter or autobiography. After posting your analysis read your classmates’ posts about their voyages. Respond if you wish.
Note: Refer to the Personal Analysis Rubric for grading criteria. The rubric may be accessed by selecting the gear icon above and choosing show rubric from the drop-down menu.

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