PE-Fit Theory and It Shouldnt Be This Way

PE-Fit Theory and It Shouldnt Be This Way

The Goal:
Use the Person-Environment Fit theory (PE-Fit) to analyze one of Ruths transitions (from one care setting to another) and see how this theory can explain the conflicts she experiences.

Getting Started:
The PE-Fit model reveals where a good fit is possible. It comes from a good balance between individual competence (or abilities) and the press (or expectations) of the environments in which they live or act. A lack of fit comes from an imbalance in these two factors. 
In Ruths long-term care journey over three years, we see her moving through many different care settings in a relatively short amount, as her competence levels change and eventually decline.
She goes from ER, ICU, Hospital to Rehab to ALF to Dementia Unit to Nursing Home. Each of these is its own environment with its own demands and expectations for Ruth and other patients in terms of competence and ability. She keeps moving because she keeps experiencing a lack of fit. 

Requirements: In this 4-5 page paper:
Choose two chapters (showing two different care settings).
Describe what is expected of Ruth to fit (or maintain congruence) in each setting and what leads to hear having to leave one setting. Also, show me what is expected of her to get into the other. 
Show me what happened to her in these two settings, but be focused and specific. I am asking you to find the best evidence showing a conflict between competence and pressure (ability and expectation). 
Please discuss 2 examples (in two different care settings) revealing conflicts, leading to lack of fit.

This should be typed, double-spaced, 12-point font, with one-inch margins on all sides. APA style is required for in-text citations when you cite and quite evidence from the book. Dont forget to include a complete reference for this book at the end. A cover page is not needed. 

Possible Deductions:
2 points for late papers
2 points for not having a clear presentation and use of PE-fit language and terminology.
2 points for not having at least two details (evidence) and examples from each chapter
2 points for lack of proper format for in-text citations (APA style)
1 point for more than five typos (errors) in spelling and punctuation


GERO 101 Additional Advice on Final Paper
Prof. Alex Costley (Fall 2020)
Using Concepts from My Slides (See Course Materials):
You can refer to my slides, if needed (e.g. on the benefits of coordinated care. But, you probably dont  need to discuss this as much as you think. If you think there were clear instances where Ruth and her family suffered from a lack of “coordination” during an important transition (e.g. the departure from the hospital in Florida), then I think it is fine to discuss it. But, you don’t need to write a whole section or paragraph in the paper explaining “coordinated care.” The goal is to focus on using the Person-Environment Fit (PE-Fit) theory. 
Citing My Slides:
First, my slides are not published materials. Therefore, in this case, they dont really require in-text citations or a reference. If you really want to examine “coordinated care” in more detail, in your paper, (which I don’t think you need to do for this essay), I would suggest that you find another published source (in-print or published electronically). 
Other References:
I am not expecting you to find other source material (other than the book It Shouldnt Be This Way: The Failure of Long-term Care. Also, you should not be using other articles or a review of the book, instead of the actual book, itself. But, if you find another article (in addition to the book), that you think is important or necessary, for your essay, then you are welcome to do that. But, then, you must include a reference for it in the reference section. 
Book: Citing pages/Complete citation
For this book, a full and complete in-text citation looks like this:
(Kane & West, 2005, p.# ) The specific page number goes where you see the symbol, next to the p.
You always need complete citation at the end of a direct quote. You should also be using citations whenever you state a point of fact from the book or an important detail in the book to show where they appear inside.

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