Outline for LAST paper:Paper on Elements of Art
Elements of Art
There are seven elements of art. Due to the Corona Virus issues, most museums have been closed, so I have decided you can get your artwork selection from the list of museums below: <> (from here, please click on “Collection & Louvre Palace”)
For this assignment, you are to pick an artwork in one of these museums. I have been to all of these institutions and they each have something unique to offer. I’d prefer a 2-D piece of artwork, which includes a painting, photograph, or printmaking piece. You are to write a two-three page paper on how you feel about your selection, such as why you were drawn to this artwork, what emotion it brings out to you, etc. This should be single spaced. Be sure to include the artist’s name, title of the piece, and the medium in your paper. Also include what museum you found your piece.
Over the past few weeks, you’ve been learning about the elements of art, so in your paper, please include at least three elements of art and explain their relation to your selected artwork. Below are the elements of art:
You can find references of each element at the following website: When you get to this page, click on each element and it will take you to the description of that element.
Remember I want this single spaced and you can do MLA, or whatever style preference you’d like. Once you’re done writing your paper, please submit it through the link in the Assessment area to the left. Save your paper as a Word.

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