Paper 2

Length: (no less than) 750 words/ 3 pages ~ (no more than) 1000 words (4 pages) total, for all 3 questions together. (roughly 250 words per page) Double-spaced. 25% of the final grade

Please submit your papers electronically on Canvas under Assignment. No late papers will be accepted.Please respond to all 3 parts. (In Part I, choose only 1 question.)Part I: Choose either # 1 OR # 2 (Approx. 1 page)

1. Public Cemetery in the Moonlight, The Housemaid Creed writes, ….the concept of a border is central to the construction of the monstrous in the horror film… that which crosses or threatens to cross the border is abject…  Comparing this idea and the more detailed notions of border and the abject in her article to the two film, Public Cemetery in the Moonlight and The Housemaid, please analyze the ways in which the two respective main characters, Myongson, and the maid, are represented as crossing various borders and as abject. Please cite at least 2 short examples from each filmic text(Public Cemetery in the Moonlight, The Housemaid), a total of 4 examples. You dont have to cite Creed but you can certainly refer to it as you prepare and you can cite her article as well.

2. Mother, Barbara Creed Discuss the character of Dojuns Mother by comparing and applying Creeds idea of archaic mother to the filmic character. Please cite at least 2 examples from each text (Mother and Creed), a total of 4 examples.

Part II: The Rainy Spell (Approx. 1 page) Analyze Paternal Grandmother and Maternal Grandmother, from the story, The Rainy Spell, in relation to the Confucian notions of motherhood. Cite 3-4 short examples from the story, analyze them and explain how they illustrate Confucian motherhood.

Part III: Three Days in That Autumn and Chinatown (Approx. 1 to 2 pages)
In Three Days in That Autumn, the story of the abortion doctor revolves around 3 rapes that she has dealt with in her life, while Chinatown tells the story of a pubescent girls sexual and emotional maturation into womanhood. Connecting these two stories to each other, discuss how the potential and real sexual violence the characters experience in the stories are related (and possibly un-related) to possible and impossible (or potential and absent) sexual pleasure for female characters. Cite at least 2-3 examples from each text, a total of 4-6 examples.

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