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Hello i need a Good and Positive Comment related with this argument .A paragraph with no more 100 words.
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Re:Topic 5 DQ 1
All businesses including healthcare organizations need to transform and evolve in order to thrive. Whether it is the development of a strategic plan or a process improvement study forward-thinking organizations are defining an action plan to respond to their environment in a positive manner which is designed to accomplish their goals (Edens 2005). Managers influence healthcare innovation implementation by diffusing information synthesizing information mediating between strategy and day-to-day activities and selling innovation implementation. Managers and leaders have the potential to bridge informational gaps that might otherwise impede innovation implementation. Variation in healthcare quality may be related to poor communication of key strategic and clinical information across practice sites and units. By bridging informational gaps managers and nurse leaders may help to manage the demands associated with innovation implementation align incentives transcend professional barriers and identify priorities to promote innovation implementation (Birken Lee & Weiner 2012). A nurse manager and leader should share the same beliefs and values as the organization. They should encourage employee engagement with open and honest communication. Staff engagement is key is successfully achieving and sustaining positive organizational outcomes.

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