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Hello i need a Good and Positive Comment related with this argument .A paragraph with no more 100 words.
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Re:Topic 5 DQ 1
Because healthcare reimbursement is becoming tighter and patients are expecting more from their providers hospitals and other health systems are seeking ways to change processes and become more efficient while improving patient outcomes and reducing costs. The Nurse manager plays a vital role in this reengineering process. Mounting evidence of quality and safety shortfalls growing demands for accountability and public reporting and declining profits are among the factors pressuring health care organizations to change (Hostetter 2008). With change comes conflict so the Nurse Manager must be able to manage and control the conflicts that come with change. In a way the manager is the middle person between the organization and the staff. For the organization the manager is the driver for such things as higher quality superior service and help accomplish these in a cost effective manner (Wood 2012). For the staff leveraging the conflicts while leading and meeting the needs of the team. The knowledge and skill of effective communication is the key to survival for all parties

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